The probiotic and natural gardening community is beginning to recognize GRO-KASHI as the newest, cutting-edge method for achieving exceptional yields and nutrition. Today, we work with the top industry leaders in cultivation and breeding;  transforming the way gardening is done with our application of epigenetic and anaerobic probiotics concepts.

Simply look online and see the countless posting of GRO-KASHI blooms to see that this product will truly work. Even inexperienced growers will experience the tremendous impact that GRO-KASHI can have on plant and soil life.



This is a movement started by organic and probiotic farmers who wish to live in harmony with nature. Today, we have thousands of members sharing their progress in natural and probiotic farming. We share cutting-edge organic knowledge and even provide the recipes for GRO-KASHI and other probiotic amendments. Our members are open and knowledgeable about natural farming techniques and seek to improve our farming methods. Join our movement and exchange valuable information at the Probiotic Farmers Alliance Group on Facebook.



Expect to see farming transform with the knowledge we have coming forth about probiotics and natural farming. Today, PFA and GRO-KASHI are transforming the way chemical/synthetic gardeners look at plant health. Many of the best bottle gardeners are beginning to transition over to natural farming techniques through the understanding of soil life. Other gardeners are getting off the toxic pesticides and fungicides and are now building up plant immunity the  natural way! With a newly discovered understanding of how the earth works, the empowered farmer knows that he or she can impact the future of this beautiful land we live on. We have the ability to build a future where our actions are beneficial such as those of the microbes in the soil. Instead of creating harmful environments from farming practices, we have been empowered with techniques and methods where humans can live in harmony and improve the land where they live.


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  1. John Nomahn says:

    I consider myself a connoisseur and strive to get the best results in my garden.

    You might know the people over at gage green they are some fantastic growers producing some of the finest herb i’ve seen.

    The people over there have sold me on growing probiotic and im starting to see its many advantages.

    I’ve been told your stand up people and your giving to the community which i want to thank you for and tell you to keep up the good work.

    Im writing this email today to find out how i can go about obtaining a sample of your product, and i will spread the word if i see result trusted others have sworn by.
    Thnx for your time.
    Happy growing and have a great day 🙂

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