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Gro-Kashi Rising

Rise above today’s toxic, chemical-driven gardens and harnessing nature’s most powerful superheroes – beneficial bacteria and fungi specially combined to create life and renew the soil.

The concept is simple. Create an environment that mimics nature in order to give our plants the best opportunity for life. Gro-kashi has, within itself, all the elements that are needed to create an oasis! All it needs is a water source. The microorganism culture within Gro-kashi is equipped with all the essential nutrients to power a mycelium network that is self-sustaining and beneficial to life on earth.

Bigger yields and maximum health are achieved through the probiotic effects in the soil. A symbiotic system is formed where the network of bacteria and fungi provides everything the plant needs for a mutually beneficial relationship. The bacteria will accelerate the breakdown of absorbable nutrients by literally eating minerals and rock and excreting humus aka plant food. The fungal network brings communicates intelligently to give the plants the nutrients it needs. The purple photosynthetic bacteria further breakdown light energy in the soil and play a key role in bioremediation of toxic wastes. Another notable group is the Streptomyces bacteria which have immune effects on the soil and plant by protecting it from invaders.

Increase nutrient uptake (more compost is typically required every 2 months)

Increase water tolerance (will act as medium between plant)

Increase mineral uptake (plants with no probiotics have difficulty up-taking essential minerals)

Increased tolerance to pests and molds

The returns come more than in just yields. Since our plants are now filled with all the nutrients from the soil, it can actually benefit the cultivator with a fuller spectrum of nutrients, oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids. By giving the plant everything it needs, we are given everything we need in return. The plant is filled with essential nutrients and probiotics which have amazing effects for humans as well!

By utilizing the same organisms used for bioremediation, we are essentially leaving behind cleaner and healthier soils and drains. Imagine the type of impact the probiotics can have through the runoff!

We are just realizing many of the beneficial effects from ingesting probiotic herbs and plants, join us in exploring everything nature has to offer!

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  1. Vic says:

    Wish I could purchase some of your product. I even tried to donate so could get some faster but that didn’t even work.

  2. Alan Adkisson says:

    Vic email me at [email protected]

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