The GRO-KASHI birthing process utilizes ancestral fermentation knowledge and a deep, passionate love for the earth. Our intention is offer the source of life that delivers epic vitality and rejuvenation.

When we make GRO-KASHI, we treat our product the way a naturopath would treat human with fertility issues; through nutrition, prebiotics, probiotics, and the science of epigenetics.


PURE SPRING WATER from Cahto Peak Springs in Laytonville, CA

We draw living water right where two rivers meet on the GRO-KASHI farm. Pure water is one of the most important elements of a good GRO-KASHI. Living water is filled with highly beneficial minerals which are the source of life.




We make all GRO-KASHI by hand so that humans can have an opportunity to get arms-deep inside the barrel. The proven effects of working with soil organisms and microbes like lactobacillus on PTSD and other mental health conditions make GRO-KASHI a perfect job opportunity for returning veterans. GRO-KASHI will always be handmade to preserve the force which gives it life.



We make GRO-KASHI with conscious farmers in mind. The initial brew is made with ancient red wheat bran*, structured spring water, organic beet juice*, EM-1 probiotics*,  multi-vitamin mineral complex, volcanic trace minerals* and pure holistic thoughts* to supercharge our microbes (* means organic). Our goal is to bring fertility back to Mother Earth.



We freely give our knowledge away. Learn how probiotic farming by joining the Probiotic Farmers Alliance Group on Facebook.

Join the PFA and learn how to make your own GRO-KASHI, fermented plant extracts, LAB serums and much more. The world’s finest gardeners and natural farmers are all working together to ensure a better tomorrow.

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