GRO-KASHI has been approved by the CDFA for sale as a Specialty Fertilizer as of February 3, 2014. We thank all of you for your generous donations and support.

As a sign of our gratitude, we are offering GRO-KASHI DIRECT. FREE SHIPPING for all orders of at least two GRO-KASHI bags within the United States.

Currently, we are accepting GRO-KASHI DIRECT orders through PayPal. FREE SHIPPING within the USA only. Orders outside of the US, please email Alan at [email protected]

For BULK orders, please email Alan at [email protected]

Notice: GRO-KASHI is made by hand. Please expect at least a three-week lead time. Each customer will be handled on a per order basis. Gratitude.

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  1. Jay Dye says:

    Would love to use your products in our organic soil mixtures.
    Have been hearing lots of great things in the medical community.
    Please let us know here at PlanetGreentoe Genetics, when we can get a hold of your great products.

  2. Eric says:

    Hello. I am currently working in California with a couple different botany mediums that would love to work with your product.
    I have been following gage green for a whole now and he continuously posts the wonders that gro kashi perform.
    Are you guys willing to have a test supplier here California? I’m currently in the city of Sacramento.
    In the very near future I will also be opening a nursery and would love to be able to maybe hold your product on our shelf.
    Thank you for your time.

    Eric J.
    Management of Research and Development at NorCal Med labs

  3. Jon white says:

    Hi, I’m incredibly interested in trying this product! I fully understand what this does as it pertains to my method of growing utilizing microbes and plant based nutrition to feed the soil. I run teas and myco from Dragonfly Earth Medicine I think you are familiar with those amazing folks! Sorry for the long windedness I’m super stoked about what you guys got here. THANK YOU for making this!

  4. Anthony Mrtoad Leyva says:

    PFA all day. Gro-Kashi has helped bring my garden to the next level. I have used half the water than usually , my herb has more smell, more taste it finished a week sooner and was the healthiest I have ever seen it . GRO-KASHI IS A GAME CHANGER

  5. Judy Kaub says:

    I live in Northern Calif (25 miles East of Redding) and have cloned 200 Goji Berry plants from cuttings off the mother plants. They are currently in my greenhouse. I would like to incorporate your product in my organic growing efforts. I have been using activated EM1 for watering and a foliar spray. Am still having trouble with aphids. Anyhow, my daughter is currently making some “pro-kashi soup” from the product she purchased from you and is encouraging me to try some too.

  6. carlos marrero says:

    Amazing stuff, can’t wait to try some on my indoor crop! Please keep me informed on your product, and I’d be willing to test any samples too, lol!

  7. Jason Hendel says:

    Been hearing good things on the forums and social media sites. I was here to buy some product but found I couldn’t. I’m bummed. I hope u get things worked out and get product available for purchase ASAP. I’ll be waiting patiently. Well maybe not patiently , but I’ll be waiting.

  8. Rob T says:

    Hey i’m interested in trying your product, but im wondering if yall know just how long past the three week mark after payment will it take to ship out product. Thanks!!

  9. This is some of the most amazing amendment I have in my soil. I considered it essential now. It lowers the amount of water used, leads to happy healthier plants. There is no downside with it. Couldn’t be happier.

  10. Alan Adkisson says:

    Rob contact me please. Alan 707-972-2408

  11. David says:

    Gro-kashi is one of 4 Amendments we use at MotownMeds.com I think the serious Medical gardener will find it useful in the gardens. Gro-kashi along with Gage Green Genetics are Triple AAA+.

    Thanks fellas for al the Amazing things you do.

    -David, Founder/Owner http://www.Motownmeds.com

  12. HH says:

    One of the go to amendments in my repertoire, It never ceases to amaze me how different that probiotic Organically grown herbs and plants really brings out and shows the depth of smells and brings out new dimensions in the actual plants. Sure you can make your own kashi-like amendment, But Ive done it and its not worth my time. Especially when I can get a proprietary formula and artesian quality with less work on my end and a tiny bit more money. My times worth more to me. Complete the soil food web with Grokashi and see for yourself what the fuss is about 🙂

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